casa sombrilla !
construction of a surfer's lodge in nicaragua (320m²)
The lodge in the Pacific coastal hills of playa Maderas, is a test unit intended to duplicate en rent out in a next phase. The roof existing of a big umbrella protexts the lodge against the sun and heavy rain. The flexible doors of the underneath structure make it possible to be completely scluded or exposed to the environment. These two independent building components are connected by a big mosquito net. The natural air circulation created under the roof keeps the lodge fresh. The mosquito net protects the surfer from insects. The outdoor shower, in the centre of the umbrella structure, allows for refreshing with a view at the starry sky and the exotic fauna and flora. During the tropical monsoon it can function as a natural rain shower. We opted for authentic craftsmanship and local materials such as eucalyptus wood for the structure, cantera blocks for the pillar and rattan wickerwork for the shutters. 
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