bijenberg !
renovation of a house in diepenbeek (335m²)
This reconstituted and artist family had an extensive building program with a limited budget. She wishes for an extension and more visibility of her ceramics studio, he is in need af an isolated music studio. Additionally, the ground floor needs to be reorganized. On the top of this they would like to build and rent out two holiday houses. Several hovels and brick types indicated they many transformations that took place over the years. We intentionally chose not to provide a new façade as we did not want to erase those marks. The extension of the ceramics studio and holiday houses is a continuation of the same style. For every new construction phase, a new type of brick is chosen. 
Old façade openings are closed, new façade openings are created. The new extension is completely absorbed in what was already there. The rough patchwork façade of the house provides a neutral setting and is a contrast to the eye catching new steel block frame windows. 
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